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Bring back simple elegance with matte

Bring back simple elegance with matte makeup

For a very long time, glitter and shimmer and shine have been very popular in the market. Everyone, including celebrities has been using such products for a really long time. However, the current fashion scenario demands that simple elegance be brought back, and again, things like pastel colors and matte makeup is back in vogue. Matte makeup products are available in a number of variations, which you can use to get the exact look that you want. The benefit of such makeup is that it is soft, very easy to apply and also it is long-lasting, allowing you to look fresh all day long.

The reasons for using matte makeup

Although the reasons have been outlined above, there are some definite and more concrete reasons why you should resort to using matte based makeup. The very first one is perhaps that it is long lasting. It is common knowledge that all women carry their makeup with them when they are on the move, because after a couple of hours your makeup tends to get lackluster, no matter what the brand. When you use matte makeup, you can reduce the frequency of re-application of your makeup. In addition to that, it is also great for very oily skin. This is because oil makes you skin look shiny and greasy.  Not only does matte absorb all the extra shine, but it also makes your face look fresh and smooth all day long. Other benefits include the effective concealment of wrinkles and fine lines. With matte makeup, you can also try out new shades and colors, because of the subtlety it offers.

The right application of makeup

When you are using matte as the base for your makeup, you have to be very careful, because if not applied properly, it may make your skin appear chalky and dry. It has to be smooth, evenly distributed, and you also have to pick out the right shade for your skin. This is because there is no in-your-face shine or glitter or luster to hide the fact that you are wearing a color that is unsuitable. If applied properly, it can also absorb your oils, making your skin appear healthier and less tired.

Natural makeup for your skin

This is everyday makeup. You can wear it without making it obvious that you have applied makeup on your face in copious amounts. Therefore, subtlety is key. There are a number of places where you can actually apply the makeup, depending on your skin tone, your skin type, etc. You can either apply on your face, your eyes, or even on your mouth. It is important to remember that even though it is natural makeup, you have to apply with discretion because too much may look unnatural.