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Choose best hair color to enhance your

Choose best hair color to enhance your look

Do you want to stand out of the crowd and make a mark in hair style statement ?Right hair color is the solution for you that will give you an edge over others if it is chosen appropriately. A perfect color of hair leaves an unforgettable impression that will make the heads turn. Correct hair color helps in changing your personality while giving you a ravishing look. But if you choose wrong hair color it can lead to opposite of everything you expected about it. You need to keep few points in your mind while choosing best hair color shade for you

Selection of the best hair color depends on :

  • Skin Tone: The color of your hair should always be darker than the color of your skin. People with dark skin tone should always select hair color with darker shades only. You should strictly avoid pink ,red or golden hair color if your skin tone is darker. The best formula is to select 2-3 shades dark hair color in comparison to your skin tone. If your skin color is pale you are lucky enough to experiment all types of hair colors. But if you are too pale you should definitely avoid dark or black shades.
  • Eye Color :Choice of hair color depends on the color of your eyes too. Make a coordination between your eyes color and hair color to uplift your looks.
  • Lifestyle: Choice of hair color is dependent on your personality along with your personal and professional life. If you are in a profession where mostly you need to carry a formal look , don’t experiment bold colors .Hair colors are expensive to maintain so choose common colors it you can’t bear the maintenance cost .
  • Age: If you are young , you can choose bold and brighter shades, but after a certain age, you should look for natural shades like brown or beige. If your hair is damaged due to any reason select blonde hair color to improve the looks.
  • Dress and Accessories: Selection of your hair color should match the color wearer wardrobe and the accessories. It should be complementing your dress code to give proper looks result.

Some people even color hair to cover the Gray hair and improve the appearance. In such cases you should always choose natural shades of hair color to give a more natural look. If you want to get a fresh look or drastic change in your personality try brighter and hotter color option. Take help of your stylists to get the best results after the hair color. The Stylist is an experienced who will advise you perfectly depending on your hair quality and skin tone.