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Classic 70s hairstyles for men and women

Classic 70s hairstyles for men and women

70s was the era of style and class. Men and women were passionate about fashion at that point of time and the hair style was the medium by which they could show their superiority in fashion and styling. The hair styles used in the era of 70s were the biggest classics and now are taking back their position in the glamour world. Some of those hair styles were unique and those who lived in that era lived their life with a unique class. Even though the men and women who are young and now entering into the world of glamour are not finding these looks and unique styles appealing, but the charm of those hair styles will live forever and will never die.

The size of the hairs in the era of 70s was big and it was bigger than ever one could possess in the past like in 1950s and 1960s. Most of the styles of the hair for men were punk; a big diversity was there, mostly everyone preferred rocky hairstyle at that interval of time because of the influence of the rock stars of that point of time. In women, it was mostly about looking stylish and better then everyone, a big competition was there among women of royal families for looking better than each other. Women from political families and glamour world were considered as in con for the normal women, so to make that more appealing, they used to have the hairstyle which was better than others.

70s hairstyles were known for experiments and some unisex head bands came into existence which were wore by men and women. The bands were of different color and styles and people started liking that fashion.

  • 70s hairstyles – ‘shag’

Shag hairstyles gained popularity back in the 70s. It was something which was linked with rough and messy hairstyles and in comparison of 60s where the hair were combed very neatly, the 70s hair styles were mostly shag.

  • 70s hairstyles – ‘curls’

The American men and African men were always the first one to start any new style statement so to precede this they invented the style of long curly hair. Curly hair was one the most followed hairstyle in the decade of 70s as this was worn by the all time favorite and at that particular time the music sensation Michael Jackson and also by many male and female celebs and sport sensations.

  • 70s hairstyles – ‘afro’

This was the most amazing, innovative experiment by the black Americans. African Americans used to use this fro or afro hairstyles in which hair was growing long and straight from the head they were allowed to extend in the front making. It’s a very unusual as well as alluring look.