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Coats for men – get to know the types

Coats for men – get to know the types

It’s a usual say that the fashion line for men is not as expanded as for the women. The advantage of this part is men need few items in their closet and could mix and match perfectly by wearing the different dresses for different occasions. One of the main clothing which completes a look for men is wearing the right coat. Coats for men could be categorized into 6 major types which gives every man the complete look for all the seasons. Let’s have a look at these different coats for men.

Pea coat – This type of coat is generally worn for winters or autumn/spring season. They go up to waist level. They are made with cotton or synthetic fibers. They give a very neat outlook and are not bulky as a normal winter coat.

Double breasted coat – Yet another type of coat which is worn during the fall and the spring season. They are long coats, which reach up to the thighs. They are also made with cotton or synthetic fibers and give a rich outlook to the person wearing them.

Bomber coat – This coat is more famous in summers and is worn typically by people who drive the motorbikes. They are usually made of leather or other synthetic fibers.

Top coat – This type of coat for men comes with or without layers. They could include a zipper sometimes for enclosing, however, the buttons are the preferred option.

Duffle coats – This type of coat is more oriented towards winter wear. They could be quite bulky to look at, however, do not weigh much. They have great button patterns for enclosing them.

Parka coats – This type of coat is yet another one which is strictly for winter. They are quite bulky and are best when it comes to protection from cold. Depending on the coat they may or may not include a hoodie.