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Wise selection of body con dresses according figure

Wise selection of body con dresses according figure

The dresses wisely selected could play a major role so as to reflect or hide some parts of the body depending on the fit of the dress. Not only today, the dependency on dresses for style can be determine being exaggerated through the earlier centuries when women were keen to look through the choices along with the maintenance of their assets. The dress being available could serve a differentiated purpose reflected by the choice of material, style, color and print of the dress.


The history can be traced back with the existing use of corsets in the early periods for the purpose of getting into shape. This led to the development of shapes initialized by the hour glass shape outfits that could be seen existing in early periods of 1930’s usually known as beauty con dress. Though this style is exists even today but in a variation for the same being differentiated by the fact that the earlier style was longer and a bit loose due to lack of the present day fabrics. The style even included the gowns being well stitch with the top portion like that of the corset reflecting the assets.

Above are a few looks from the current era of the body con dress estimated to be the beauty con dress. Mid-thighs length, form-fitting with lots of stretch in the fabric are available in it. Currently very trendy are versions with lace, mesh or some sort of transparency at the back or sleeves. Also, the illusion body con with color blocking techniques placed specifically to enhance the hour glass feminine shape. The introduction to fabrics further in the year 1940’s led to invention of new style enveloping the trend settings. This demonstrated to variants in the con dresses being available in selection of styles and fabrics.

Present trending

The con dresses were popularly known as the bandage dresses due to the stretchable fabric they are stitched with due to the reason of them being tight fitted t the body defining each aspect. The present trend include the availability of the con dresses in a numerous styles possess with differently used materials also the mixture of some and the patterns. The con dresses is now seemed to be available in wools and silk as well.

Defining the style statement, the con dresses should be chosen according to the shape of the body due to the fact that these dresses are tight fitted reflecting the body figure. The chosen style can be paired with a choice of stilettos along with the accessories contributing to a classy yet elegant look. The style would suit every glamorous occasion be it a party or a corporate event. These dresses are wisely named to be the beauty con dresses defining the beautifying features.