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Custom polo shirts for sports carnival

Custom polo shirts for sports carnival

I am looking for some good suppliers who can deliver me custom polo shirts within a week. Actually the Board members of our medical college suddenly announced sports carnival which needs to be planned and executed efficiently. The amount collected from the purchase of tickets of the carnival will be donated to special children school in Georgia.

Unanimous decision of polo shirts

We have rugby, tennis, golf and other sports to be played on different days at different venues. As I am managing the event so I am burdened with the responsibility of arranging players’ sports kit. Discussed with other staff members it was decided that custom polo shirts will be ultimately required since it can be worn for multiple sports like golf, tennis and rugby. The powerful punch line and theme message imprinted on these shirts will provoke other institutions also to raise funds and serve humanity. We have some generous people who will be sponsoring these kits.

Quality of custom polo shirts

As polo shirts are a form of casual shirt so cotton fabric will be a preferred choice .however very rarely you can also find them in other fabrics like silk, merino wool and synthetic fibers. Some golf shirts are also available in jersey. It is purely a personalized choice to select the base material for custom polo shirt depending upon climate and nature of play. A good quality shirt is always durable and seams are perfectly finished. Also the plackets are embellished with buttons finely. Plackets and half sleeves are the signifying features of polo shirts