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A nice feather hair style to get a
exclusive look

A nice feather hair style to get a exclusive look

Both males and females are getting fabulous these days by having an extraordinary invention called feather hair style. Generally for celebrating anything like a parties or concerts people get this feather style applied in their hair, it’s a definite new way to enjoy or to entertain yourself and crowd by having colorful feathers as an extension for your hair to add some spice in your look. With an always option whether one is looking natural looking hair feathers style or just a printed synthetic types?

Ostrich, rosters are like normal natural and famous shades amongst youngsters or a feather lovers and if you are finding something different, there is zebra, leopard printed strip feathers are also very well available in the market. Plus this is definitely you can avail in various colors and tones like blue, green or red or combination of it all.

Synthetic hair feathers:

While giving you very audible look synthetic hair fathers are made for show off. It gives you an awesome funky look one to get attention of crowd easily. And with a combination of colors it makes the work easy for you. Stripped feathers could be helpful always for matching dressing styles or make up.

Natural look feathers:

Generally usable for any occasion natural looking feathers easily walk by you in classy way with your real hair color as read head, blonde or natural black or brown it is available in the market. A beautiful make up or a bold fashion symbol is a mainframe for this kind of new fashion.

How to apply it:

Usually this product is made by real human hair so no harmful at all for you  and all products comes with DIY( DO IT YOURSELF) way. It’s really easy to apply it in your natural hairs as clamps and beads are there to hold them up when you tuck it in your real hairs. With good length and thick proportion, it looks real only when you tuck it. For making it fancier it gives a choice to you to use with designed beads, clasp, tumbling, feather pliers or rings. To extend the length you can wear two extensions one time also. Easily available in any saloon or if you choose something new you can order it online as it very famous these days. You will get it by easily in online market sites.

With this new extension one should really have a vibrant and also a colorful hairstyle. Simply made by human hair you can treat these extensions as you treat your hair itself. Washing, brushing, conditioning and no so ended styling it too. With flexibility it can get easily straightening or curly effect. Without taking less efforts and this kind of products are quiet helpful for you to add some new way and hopes in your old fashion with hairs.