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Designing of the tunisian crochet

Designing of the tunisian crochet

This generation need a new design and a new style to carry every time. In this context, the Tunisian crochet is a good pick because it is a fusion of crocheting and knitting.

Mechanism of Tunisian crochet:

If you are going to design it, then you need to buy a special hook that is called afghan hook to complete this technique. In it, you have to achieve many different stitches and combine it with the regular crochet. If you want to complete the process in few stitches, you should use a standard crochet hook. In the Tunisian crochet one row is made by two parts; first is forward pass and second is reverse pass. Once, you know its basics, it is quite easy to do it.

If you are working with a regular crochet, create the foundation chain first, in order to make the process simpler. So, firstly, create a chain of the same length. Give it a comfortable, tight one will alter the stitches and loose will destroy the edges of the fabric.

Now, it is time to create forward pass; insert the hook into the second chain from the hook. Now pull the yarn through the chain and onto the hook. Can you see two loops on your hook? If yes, repeat the process.

By continuous working in the same way, you will create a complete row. After finishing, you will see one loop on the hook for the chain you started. Remember, if you have created a chain of 15 lines, there will be 15 loops on the hook.

Now, come to return pass, without this process you cannot create the next row. After completing forward pass, do not turn; instead, keep working back along the row from left to right. Once you have completed this, the loop left on your hook is going to make the first stitch of the first row.

After coming up with the foundation row, you have to decide with which Tunisian stitches you want to continue your work. It is good to carry on the simple stitching. To process this, identify the vertical strands of the yarn and insert the hook from right to left underneath the next vertical strands.

Now, can you see the two loops on the hook?  If you are getting positive result, repeat the process and draw through in the same way. Leave the last strand and keep repeating this order with others.

For the last strand, create two strands by just inserting the hook underneath the front and the back of the loop. So, keep working with this order and create a Tunisian crochet. If you want to complete the process, simply complete the return pass of the final row.