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Us footwear: fry boots

Us footwear: fry boots

Frye is a 150 year old US footwear company still going strong and owes its popularity and longevity to the high quality footwear it produces. The company is well known for the handmade boots that it manufactures.  They are known for their excellent workmanship and elegant contemporary designs.

Distinguishing feature

The feature that distinguishes a Frye boot from the rest is the excellent and practical way in which the upper sole is stitched and the natural tanning process used to obtain the rich and deep. Such colors cannot be obtained by the chemical tanning that other footwear companies follow. The colors obtained by the natural vegetable tanning process like- burgundy, cognac, deep brown etc, deepen  and acquire a richer hue with age. To achieve this finish, the footwear is made to go through 190 exacting stages of development in the Frye factories.  Another characteristic feature is their timeless appeal – the fashion that is here to stay for a long, long time and not the “blink and its gone “kind of fashion.

The appeal

The Frye boots represent sturdiness and practicality which is in direct contrast to the frivolity of the prevalent fashion trends. They exude a sense of reliability. Women have taken to it on account of its “against fashion trend” appeal and feel. Women who use these boots feel that they have got their strength back and have reclaimed their lives from the clutches of the ever transient fashion trends.

Variety the spice of life

These awesome boots are available in various spicy styles- the Harness, the Engineer, the Campus, the Cavalry, to name a few. Their down to earth, classic looks coupled with the comfort that your feet will love and thank you are something to die for. What’s more they can be passed down the ages as heirlooms. How cool is that!!!