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Dye your hair, naturally with the help of
natural hair dyes

Dye your hair, naturally with the help of natural hair dyes

People, women in particular, tend to dye their hair for various reasons. Some due to loss of natural color, some for profession, and some just for the heck of it. But if you’vehad concernsregarding the various the hazards that come along with dyeing your hair with chemical dyes,you’ll be relieved to know that you can achieve similar results to store-bought chemical dyes by using natural hair dyes.

Why to go natural

If you want to know why you should switch from chemical dyes to natural, you’re technically asking the wrong question! Chemical hair dyes are chalk full of some very questionable ingredients and can have some adverse short-term, as well as permanent effects.

Pattern change – If you’ve been dyeing your hair for a while now, you’d have surely noticed that the constant coloring sometimes results in temporary, unsavory changes in your hair’s pattern. Sometimes, curly hair becomes rigid, or straight hair might get coarse.

Changes in elasticity –Sincechemical dyes cause hair to lose its natural moisture, hair tends to lose some or more of its elasticity. Elasticity,in this case, refers to the hairs ability to stretch out and return to its normal shape and volume, without getting damaged.

Color– The biggest problem with chemical hair dyes is that the end result of your hair is highly unpredictable and pretty much nothing in this world can prepare your for the actual color of your hair, as compared to the color shown in the box, carton or in advertisements.This is because the intensity of hair color allotment depends on various factors such as its current color,texture, and even an individual’s ethnicity.

Natural Options

Now, that we’ve convinced you, or at least we hope we have, that you should switch to natural dyes, let’s have a look at the various options you can choose from, depending on the kind of color you are looking for:

Henna- Henna has been used as a natural hair dye from the beginning of time. This is because it contains natural compounds that stain the hair in such a way that it emits an utterly natural hair color.

Coffee& Tea – Tea and coffee, both have the favorable ability to dye hair to a lovely dark brown. The only downside is that the liquid used to dye the hair has to be significantly concentrated.

Amla–The Indian gooseberry, or amla does not have the in-builtproperties to dye your hair. But, it certainly helps tone down the brightness of a henna-based hair color. Amla also does wonders by adding a natural shine to hair, once the dye is washed off.

Walnuts–Well, to be more specific, the outer shellcovering walnuts provides an extremely potent color that can dye your hair a dark brown. This concentration is obtained by crushing the shells, soaking them in warm water and gently applying this natural hair dye onto your hair.