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Get a clean and Cute look with short
messy hairstyles

Get a clean and Cute look with short messy hairstyles

Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and carry. But if you are looking for messy hairstyles then you need to choose them very wisely otherwise a wrong selection of short messy hairstyle can lead to disaster in your looks. Short hair styles are the easiest way to maintain your hair in less time easily at home only without any assistance of an expert. The messy hairstyle suits a person of all ages, but usually popular among men or women at a younger age when they love to experiment with their hairstyle and are not afraid of doing it. If you are in love with messy hairstyles but don’t know how and from where to start ,there are certain points you need to understand before getting it done.

How to get messy hairstyle looks

The first step to get any type of haircut is to wash your hair because hair, which is oily, does not cut well resulting in an imperfect look. Use your regular shampoo to wash your hair, but avoid conditioner usage because it prevents gel absorption, making it tricky to get a messy look with your hair. Towel dry your hair, leaving your hair balanced not excessively wet or dry.

Run your fingers through your hair to get a messy look. Direct certain sections of your hair, which will fall your hair in various directions. While styling short hair you need to first decide which part of the hair should be messy. Messy does not mean your hair should not be organized , a messy hairstyle should be neat and smart look. You should apply gel on your hair to make it moist and easy to style. Hairstyles related magazines and the internet are the great source of information when you are researching about latest trends and fashion in messy hairstyles.

Various types of Messy hairstyle which look best on most of the face shapes are :

  • Mohawk: This type of hairstyle requires professional expertise because it is not easy to get this look at home .Select an experienced hair stylist to get the right look. This hairstyle results in stylish and bold and can be easily worn with both casual and formal events.
  • Layered: Best suited for moderate hair where the hair will be minimized to the number of layers .Razor is used to get this look and best suited for long hair.
  • Choppy:The haircut will give you a messy look with any stylist. Best suited for medium or long hair and styled with the help of gel easily at home.

So if you bored of your look and want to get something crazy and innovative try messy hairstyles and select the one which suits you the best.