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Get a Nice Wearing with Tricot Crochet

Get a Nice Wearing with Tricot Crochet

Tricot crochet combines the best of knitting and crochet. The stitches on it look like knitting and the hook that is used in it look like crochet. The design of tricot is quite inspiring and the look is very impressive. Dated back, it was used to seen in streets and in many fashion magazines. Now, the fashion world is repeating the scenario, and it is getting that same fame again.

There is several inspiring design and styles especially for tricot crochet, all you need to come up with your desired design. Well, you do not need to purchase if you are designing your tricot your own self. Making of tricot crochet is pretty simple if you get know its making techniques.

It is the design of the tricot that makes it special. And the hook that especially designed for the same. If you want to turn your craft ideas into reality and want a really eye catchy tricot crochet design, you have to purchase a special hook for it. The hook is designed in such a manner that it holds all the weightage of the yarn. You can teach this creative online as well as offline. There are number of tutors who can teach you the exact way.

A Tricot crochet is nothing, but another name of Tunisia crochet. So, the work mechanism and making style of it are completely like Tunisia crochet. To make it, you need to create the two parts- forward pass and reverse pass.

Well, if you are not purchasing it, and creating by yourself, there are many things where you need to put your consideration. Here a list of certain things has been put for you to make your buying easier, check this out:

  • You have to purchase afghan hook to create and complete this tricot crochet. One hook is enough to grab the look.
  • Now select the type of yarn. You can choose from cotton, wool, and acrylic. Before opting, you need to know the certain specifications about these. Like cotton yarn is quite expensive, but the appearance and effective of this type of yarn is very high and also require a great amount of care. So, if you want to live long with your designed cloth, and have enough to spend, opt for this. Another option is wool, well, it also lives long, but you only enjoy it in the winter. Now, think about acrylic, the speciality of this type of yarn is that it is easy to buy, as it does not cost much. Moreover, you do not need to care it at extent level. It is quite washable and provides a good fit to any body type.