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Ideas for t shirt design

Ideas for t shirt design

T shirt has always been the first choice as casual wear. You can get t shirt very easily and according to your taste. For example some people like wearing printed while some believe in wearing patterned. You can even design your t shirt according to your thoughts. What designs you can put and how, you can find from here.

Choose the base t shirt-
First you have to get a plain t shirt on which you will playing and implementing your thoughts. It’s better to go with a bright or light collared plain t shirt so that you can carve you thoughts. You can choose your base t shirt on the Neck type also like there are various types of t shirt available with v neck, polo neck or round neck

Yes you are now free to show all your arts on your t shirt. Think of some unique designs and just play with those with all your class and interest. It would be better if you draw your thoughts on a plain paper so that you can a clear idea what you are going to implement.
In particular, you can go for following things:

Print vs Pattern –

You can decide this on your own choice. Mostly in nowadays print is having lead over pattern but still up to one’s own choice and taste.

Text vs Image-

In recent time photo printing has taken over the market but sometimes if you don’t want to be very much funky then text with a pattern would be a good option.

Theme based-

It’s the time match the theme. On many occasions it is seen that people use to wear a theme specific t-shirt. For example if you are going to be a part of any message spreading occasion then you will be wearing t-shirt with that message written on it.