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Getting to know the beauty of Korean

Getting to know the beauty of Korean hairstyles

There are a lot of rich traditions in the Asian countries. Especially during a wedding you would see many different cultural activities and also different ceremonies. The ceremonies of the wedding are unique and lot of traditions as well. The most important aspect is the bride. The makeup, the hair everything is unique to a wedding. This is why the Korean hairstyles are special. There are many different ways in which the style can be done to get the best hairstyle for that very special day. Many women prefer to get a lot of dramatic make up that is done during the wedding. Same thing holds good for the hairstyles as well. They would have a very dramatic hairstyle for the wedding. This is to make sure that the pictures of this stands out and a special occasion.

The Japanese traditional hairstyle

The Japanese wedding hairstyle is most commonly started in Shinto. This is where the bridal style becomes special. There is a special head peace which is attached to the head and this is for the good luck for the married couple. The other part of it is the lipstick, most of the times the bride would wear a red lipstick. This is also considered as one of the main indicators of virginity. The hair style are mostly in a bun and the headpiece which is added to the hairstyle changes the way the style is done. This can be quite heavy and so it is important the rest of the style doesn’t harm the follicle too much.

The Chinese wedding hairstyles

The way in which the Chinese bride gets ready for the wedding is quite noteworthy.  They have many different traditions for the appearance and this is where the bride does her best to incorporate tradition and modern looks. The make up for the brides is quite heavy and even the hair is done in a unique manner. This is limited to the to the wedding day only and these styles are not used on any other day.

The Korean hairstyles and the bride

The traditional Korean Hairstyles are rich in traditions like the Chinese and the Japanese. The most commonly used colors are pink and brown. This is most appropriate for the Korean skin tone. There is a lot of traditional mixed with modern to give that unique touch to the overall appearance of the bride. You would see that the styles are westernized Korean styles on the hair. There is a lot of ornamentation which is added to the hair this is what makes it unique.

Doesn’t matter which tradition you are following; make sure you get your hair healthy for the occasion. This would add the zest to the hairstyle.