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Glamorous and organized: make-up storage

Glamorous and organized: make-up storage ideas

You all have struggled looking for that powder brush, the perfect shade of lipstick in your vanity bag or searching for a hair brush all around the house and ending up being unsuccessful. You must be aware with the panic of those moments of confusion and uncertainties. Looking for something and not being able to find it, when the dressing table and vanity box has become a jungle of mystery.  How to get rid of this confusion? Well, there’s just one way out and that is staying organized.

Get rid of the junk

Getting organized begins with getting rid of all the hassles of unnecessary products that have been clinging to you and have blocked the space which you could have utilized for better purposes.

Check for the expiry date of the products and get rid of them

It is all about that one time effort

All the famous women who have aced the art of make-up and have made their mark as glam-queens are the ones who have also been smart make-up storage ideas experts. Staying organized is a vital for getting that perfect look, because that lipstick and make brush you have been looking for is right in front of you, saving you time, money and energy.

All you have to do is take that first step towards getting organized. In fact it is all aboutthe first step. Decide about how you are going to organize your make up products and accessorize. This regular tips can help with a steady beginning

  • Get a mason jar and/or stands to keep your make up brushes organized.
  • Keep separate tray for your lipsticks and nail colors
  • Keep your daily make-up kit handy and easily accessible
  • Make small compartments with help of cardboard in your vanity drawer for various vanity needs
  • Keep a small make-up kit inside your purse to avoid getting lost while looking for that lip gloss or mirror
  • The market offers a huge variety of options to organize your vanity kit, choose and buy some of those compartments and dividers according to your needs

These onetime investments go a long way.

Maintain that organized discipline

Once you have done it all, and stepped into the glorious world or proper make-up storage ideas, you may at times feel tempted to give up on the discipline but these are the moments which you need to keep on a constant check ,until staying organized becomes a regular part of your life. Make sure to keep organizing your make-up kits at regular intervals to discard the old and useless products and make space for the new. These effective make-up storage ideas will save you a lot of time and go a long way in keeping you glamorous.