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Trend of wedge sneaker

Trend of wedge sneaker

When talking about fashion the most vital thought that comes in mind is of the latest trends and glamour. An individual is tagged as fashionable when the person is up to date and knows about every fashion trend in the market. Nowadays the talk is mainly on the emerging fashion trends. These ever emerging fashion trends changes every season. Spring collection is entirely different from the summer collection. Trends are not just about glamorous dresses and jewelry but about stylish shoes too. This is where wedge sneaker comes in.

The Pastry Wedge Shoe

The pastry shoe collection is by Vanessa and Angela Simmons. The have a whole new variety of shoes which they prefer to call pastry shoes. The wide range of variety of pastry shoes includes strudel wedge shoes which are similar to closed converse, normal school shoes and of course the most stunning and stylish party shoes. The brand Pastry is known for its glittery and fancy shoes for parties which come in a variety of colors and styles. These shoes normally come in bright glittery pink color which is commonly bought by teen girls. The wedge shoes or wedge sneaker is bought by masses as its penetration in the market is commendable.

The Pastry Shoe Model

The brand is always on the search of its models to showcase their products like glitter shoes, hip hop shoes, team shoes and wedge shoes in the brands’ catalogue, magazine and of course most importantly on the social media. They are always in search of a sweet, chick and a unique girl which can glamorously carry all kinds of shoes. The age should be between 5-30 years and the brand pastry does select models from all backgrounds and sizes so basically there are no specifications. However the most important requirement is that the pastry girl should have a positive attitude towards life and an energetic one-of-a-kind personality.