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Experiment With Your Hair with Pink hair

Experiment With Your Hair with Pink hair Dye

It is the age of experiments, coupled with elegance. More and more bold and bright styles are being played with, and there is no limit when it comes to women’s hair. You can play with the texture, the color, the length, the haircut and much more. Hair color is probably the field which allows most of the experimenting. There no limit to the colors that you can get for your hair, to make it stand out, and look beautiful. Of all those colors, one of the most sought after, and edgy colors that you can opt for is pink. It is smart, fun, young and elegant at the same time.. When you have decided to color you hair pink, you have to take into consideration certain things about the color pink when you are choosing your dye.  

Choosing Your Dye And Coloring Your Hair

One of the first things that you have to keep in mind when you are opting for a pink hair dye, is that they are all temporary dyes, and will eventually fade out. That means, that you have to recolor your hair often, in order for the color to stay. You might be worried about repeatedly dyeing your hair. However, the dyes that are now made are free from the element called peroxide, and ammonia, which are essentially the root cause of damage to the hair when you color it. However, without these, you can color your hair pink as many times as you want to.

Lightening Your Locks

One other feature of pink hair dye that you have to keep in mind is that it is translucent. So are other unconventional and bright colors like blue, green and even purple. Thus, when you are trying to dye your hair pink, you have to lighten your hair, and make it light, so that the original color doesn’t show over the pink. For those people with blonde hair, they have to dye their hair a light, platinum blonde, which is best for pink hair dyes. However, people with hair that is black, or even brown, they have to use bleach or other such strong dying agents to make the pink stand out.

Choosing The Right Shade Of Pink

When you are choosing your hair dye, you have to consider the shade that you feel will suit your face the best. If you are slightly dark complexioned, then a super-light shade of pink may look ridiculous. If you are very light skinned, then too bright may hurt the eyes. Thus, you can choose from shades such as candy floss pink, which is pale pink, atomic pink, which is relatively bright, baby pink, which is a pastel shade, and suits most complexions, cerise, which is a darker shade of pink and violet gem, which has a slightly magenta-pinkish hue.