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How does a backless bra work and is it worth it

How does a backless bra work and is it worth it

Ladies, can you ever get enough lingerie? Nope, none of you can! But it is time that you change the direction you are going in. You always keep buying those lacy bras and spandex underwear, but why not go for different and more stylish designs? Have you heard of the backless bra? There is such a thing and it is very cute and can make a great addition and change to your wardrobe. “How does the bra stay in place if it has no back?” must be your first question. There are actually different types of backless bras.

There are ones which stick to your skin with a certain type of adhesive tape till you decide to take it off like seen in the second picture. And there are other types like in third picture the strap adjacently lies on your shoulder blade and still creates a great effect. There is no type of wiring inside the straps, it does not have any straps and best of all no one can see the back if you are wearing a light shirt. It is a win-win situation! An easy guide is explained here.

Although not every backless bra is this way, you have ones which do have straps at the back but are not visible on the top of your back. But instead wrap around the middle of your back that is a lot lower. And you have variations that are push ups or just normal ones, you take your pick.