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How to choose perfect short boots for you?

How to choose perfect short boots for you?

Short boots also known as ankle boots are known for their versatility and can be worn on all kinds of outfits. Right freom interviews to attending a party, a short boot can be a perfect accomplice for you wherever you go. If you are finding it difficult to choose a short boot due to the available types and choices, we are here to help you out. We’ve created a list of some importat pointers that can allow you to pick perfect short boots for you.

  1. Leg Scaling- It is very important to choose a short boot that rightly scales your legs to ensure that they look completely balanced and are in proportion with the body to help your legs look longer. For instance, if you have full legs, you can go for platform-type short boots as they will make your legs look thinner and taller.
  2. Body-type- Your goal with a short boot should be to ensure that your body looks in proportion. There are many different types of short boots, like pointy ankles, stilletos, platform ankle, etc. Make sure that you choose a short boot type that compliments your body type.
  3. Outfit- Not only your body, it is also important to pick a short boot that matches up with your outfit and general dressing style. For instance, if you like wearing long skirts, you can go for a stilleto or pointy ankle short boots.

While most of it depends on personal preferences, but the above mentioned pointers will help you make a better decision.