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Keep it short, sexy and trendy

Keep it short, sexy and trendy

Summers are just around the corner and maintaining those long tresses can be challenging task. With temperature soaring high one has to be extra careful with the hairs. And one can easily say that it’s that time of the year when the best thing to do is to go for a trendy short hair styles.

Oh yes it is difficult to let go off the length and chop them. But it is wise to keep it short silly. A quick wash followed up with a blower and there you are ready to head straight to work or evening party. No more hassle of tucking them with pins or holding them tight with a bun. Just comb them once that’s it.

For that younger look

A trendy short hair style will take you back to school days. So it sort of makes one feel younger and refreshing new. In fact one can even enjoy summers with absolutely no tension of handling long hairs. That stress taken away will sure make one look younger and energetic.

Check how short you would want?

It’s nice to go short but take some time to figure out how short should it be and in what style. Take a closer look at the shape of the face and dressing pattern. Scroll through the internet and see what is trending. Then only then head to the parlour to get a trendy shot hair cut.

Maybe one can try these cuts adorned by celebs with élan:

Pixie cut 

If you want to go all bold and short then Pixie cuts are the best with many well known celebrities adorning it with confidence. With a side parting and layers hugging the edge of the face, this one is for the blonds. Long levels on the top and crisp endings near the nape, it’s a cut that turns on the gorgeous quotient.

Evergreen Bob cut 

This is one hair cut that never ever goes out of fashion. Hair dressers are known to play with trendy hair cut style to create a new hair cut. These days one adds a dash of curl or waves to them to get a more urbane and fashionable look. They go best with all western wear specially miniskirts and denims.

Fringed short cut

This one is more like the straight out of the bed look. Messy yet elegant but very much ‘in’ vogue and liked by many celebrities who have walked down the red carpet.

Absolute short cut

Just a simple boy cut with no frills or fashion. It’s for those who just need a completely professional. Preferred by modern day working women and girls who want to adopt a dapper look yet look stylish and hep.