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Mistakes to avoid while making African
hair braiding styles

Mistakes to avoid while making African hair braiding styles

Have you ever wondered why some braiding styles look less gorgeous in comparison to other hairstyles? The reason is that the wearer is making some mistakes while making the styles with the hair. If you want your African hair braiding styles to look gorgeous check out some mistakes which you should avoid to get the best look of your braids.

Mistake 1: Excessive blow drying of the hair

Hair are the sensitive part of our body which requires special treatment and care to get lustrous shine .If proper care is not taken off it can lead to damage of the hair. Dryer release hot air, which can damage the integrity of the hair if used in excess. So the thumb rule is to use a blow dryer occasionally or at the time of necessity. Try to use a nozzle to diffuse the heat directly affecting your hair. Don’t bring a hair too close to the heating coils of the dryer which lead to scorching of the hair.

Mistake 2:Applying two in one hair products

It seems a good idea to use a shampoo which contains effects of a conditioner too. But in reality, these products are harmful for hair and lead to dryness of the hair scalp too. It is advised always to use separate shampoo and conditioner complementing each other properly. Some products are available in the market which contain Panthenol and are best while making the African hair braiding styles.

Mistake 3:   Shampooing Your Hair excessively

Washing your hair too often may lead to dryness or frizzles and over a period of time your hair will start breaking and lack of shine due to loss of natural oils. Use a cotton ball and apply astringent on your scalp to moisturize it. It helps in reducing the itching too.

Mistake 4: Going to bed with Wet Hair

You have to ensure it that your braids are dry completely before going to sleep. If your hair is wet and you sleep with it in the morning you will get tangles which are hard to get out. Wet hair while going to bed also lead to growth of bacterial infection , so it is always advised to cover your hair with a scarf  to protect them against friction leading to hair loss.

Mistake 5: Using harsh coloring products:

If you use harsh coloring products on your hair , it leads to affect the appearance of the hair and more breakage of the hair. Always look for colors made up of natural products.

So follow these hair care routines to get better quality of hair and get gorgeous looking braids. Proper diet and care plays a vital role to get healthy hair.