Tuesday , March 26 2024

Get a Nice Wearing with Tricot Crochet

Fantasy cotton Glamour: yarn, cotton and accessories LIDIA CROCHET

Tricot crochet combines the best of knitting and crochet. The stitches on it look like knitting and the hook that is used in it look like crochet. The design of tricot is quite inspiring and the look is very impressive. Dated back, it was used to seen in streets and …

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100+ Free Quilt Patterns For Your Home | FaveQuilts.com

If you ever had an inclination of making a quilt then the free quilt pattern is an excellent way to fulfill your dream. You just need to get the basic tools and learn a few cutting safety tips before you start on your project. The free quilt patterns include patterns …

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Tips for Easy Christmas Knitting Patterns

How to Knit - 45 Free and Easy Knitting Patterns | Christmas

Knitting sweaters and giving them as gifts is one of the popular activities during festivals. It was practised in 90’s by elderly people. However, it was not in favour in the last decade. But the trend has changed in 2010. There is once again a lot of people showing interest …

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Cover your head with knitting hat patterns

15 Knit Hat Patterns Perfect for Fall | AllFreeKnitting.com

In the winter, this is one the most important accessories that is needed to keep your entire body warm. In this new era, hats have become one of the most prominent styling accessories. The design of hat is continuous changing and people are accepting these new styles proudly. You can …

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Crochet shawl patterns Ideas

Ravelry: fanalaine's Elegant Shawl free crochet pattern

So you’re intrigued on the crochet shawl, you desperately want one of the, for yourself, don’t you? But with such multitude of options to choose from, which variant of crochet shawls are you going to decide upon. That’s quite a tough ask, isn’t it? What if we were to provide …

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Free Hayfield Aran Knitting Pattern | Knitting | Pinterest

Aran knitting dates back to the Irish eras when fishing and farming were the main economic activities for the majority of the poor people living in Ireland. The women folk used very unique knitting patterns on sweaters and other wearable items to signify their way of life as well as …

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Knitted slippers-New idea to keep legs warm

Grandma's Knitted Slippers (Printable Pattern) | FaveCrafts.com

Knitted slippers are otherwise known as grandma’s slippers because it was grannies who made and presented gifts to their loved ones. They are the best friends of legs during winter because the extent of the warmth they give is unimaginable. They are too comfortable to wear and give maximum protection …

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Importance of Crochet ornaments

12 Crochet Christmas Ornaments - Easy Crochet Ornament Patterns

Like knitting, crochet is also an activity which leads to similar results. Clothing items are the result of these activities mainly. Items such as jumpers, mittens and hats are normally made using crochet. Crochet is also used in making decorative items on different occasions and that is because of the …

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