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Gorgeous wedding hairstyle you will fall
in love with

Gorgeous wedding hairstyle you will fall in love with

Every girl wants to look chic and beautiful on a wedding celebration night. Hairstyles not only enhance their beauty, but also add the grace to them. Deciding the hairstyles for weddingsto complement your wedding dress may not sound like the most arduous of task, but it will make a huge difference to your overall look.

Short, tight curls:

Curl your straight hairs and gently pull them back and tie up with a hairband. You can use flower to add the beauty within you.

Crowned braid:

Make a braid on the top of the head, near the temple and leave rest the hair intact. This do is perfect for attending a pre wedding celebration.

Side fish braid:

Pull off all hairs and make a shiny, glossy braid for reception. This kind of styling of hair will leave everyone spellbound.

Curly Updo Bun:

Make a crown of curly tresses, tie it up tightly and make a Bun. Loose the few strands to soften your face. Ware the designer jewels for a perfect flair look.

Braided Chignon:

Make the braid of upper tresses and tuck it in a chignon. The chignon with braids would keep you very classy as well as traditional look.

Braided Bun:

This best weeding hairstyle for long tresses, you can go wrong with it, unless you properly know its techniques. Braid the side strands from the top as well the both side, and merge them in one braid. At the end rolls up the braids into a bun.

One side Weave:

Simply mousses spread on your hair make a side part and comb the hair. The intricate detailing can be spiffed up with a big necklace around the neck.

Wavy braid:

Make a side part and let the loose braid dance on your shoulder. This eyes catchy hairdo gives the dash of playfulness. Team up with a red bold lip liner and heavy earrings.

Tight messy braid:

Tie up the hairs tightly, make some messy braids, and finally puff up it from the front. This is fusion of fish braid and French braid.

Bun and Bangs:

Short fringe on the forehead and gorgeously crowned bun with a wrap of braid, look sleek and fashionable for wedding night. This is especially designed for long tresses.

Natural beauty:

It is not always necessary to style up your hair. You can just leave them open to flow with the air waves. This lavish hairstyles for weddings is quite feminine and sexy, and brings out the real beauty in you.

Spiral curls with a fancy hairband:

Mousse your Hair up, pick any do you like, and curl the edge with a spiral look. You can attach a hairband to make it more chic and beautiful.