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Professional makeup: Do It Yourself

Professional makeup: Do It Yourself

Every second month there comes an occasion for which we have to take appointment from professional makeup artist and spend hundreds of dollars on them. Many times we have avoided such occasion because we dint have enough budgets to visit salon or call for a professional at home. But why to make such compromise when you can do that professional make up at home by yourself. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to learn it once and apply it for whole of your life? Obviously, yes it would be! Learning this professional make up can be a lot easier then what you think of it.


Starting with the basics, the first step is to arrange all the things you require for the makeup like foundation, concealer, kohl, liner, eye shadow, lip shade, blush, mascara etc. after arranging everything now you can start the procedure. Begin with cleansing your face and drying it thoroughly. Then, apply a toner as well as moisturizer. Doesn’t matter what is your skin type, applying moisturizer is must before going ahead.

Make a base

Now, put foundation on your entire face & neck area, it would allow the makeup to stay for a long duration. After that if you find fine lines or blemishes then apply concealer on it. But always use the concealer which is one tone lighter than your skin tone and applying it on under eye area is must. Then, blend it thoroughly, with the help of a professional brush.

Paint those gorgeous eyes

As you must have seen professionals use a blend of two eye shadows while performing their art and that is what you have to copy as it is. The natural shade should be applied to lashes from eyebrows whereas the other one on lower lid. Choice of eyes shades can differ from your requirements if you need smoky eyes then you can use dark & deep shades. On the other hand if you want to have little light make up then you can use bronze or light brown. After applying the shades, blend them properly. Now, apply liner& kohl, apply gentle strokes towards the outside corner.

Finishing touch

Finish off the process by applying bronzer on cheekbones and chin or you can also apply a blush. Lastly, apply a lipstick in combination with your entire look. To give a finishing touch you can also give a touch up of pressed powder on face, nose and under the eyes.

By following these simple steps you can get the most glamorous look you would have ever thought.