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Pulling it up with hair up styles

Pulling it up with hair up styles

Season’s Favorite

Hair up styles have the flavor of the season and A- list celebrities have been making mark on the red carpet all over the globe.  This kind of hair style has been spicing things up recently given the versatility and wide styling option within this kind of hair do.

There’s nothing new about this kind of hairstyle, they have existed for as long as women with braids. Having started as a way of convince, it later took an intricate and elaborate form with ladies getting all creative with their hair up dos. Of recent the trend has taken a swinging return with a string of A-list ladies going all creative with their hair up dos.

Not just a celebrity thing

Diana Argon killed it with a messy out of the bed bun in Carolina Herrera NYFW show, Coco Rocha kept it all neat and disciplined, Keira Knightly went traditional at the Critics’ Choice Film Awards, some ladies made braids, some got creative with back combing whereas some teased their short braids for a dazzling look. But, it is not just a celebrity thing, anyone can go about styling their way to glory in the very comfort of their homes. These celebrated ladies can help you with the creativeness and ideas about what’s treading and what it will look like, but beyond that a lot is in the hands of the ladies to prep and pamper their locks the way they like. It’s all about getting creative.

There are salons and hairdressers for the complex braiding and tricky up-dos and an array of hair styling products to pamper and style the locks.

All that glamour with creativity

Hair up styles offer the stylist a huge room to get creative, you can use flowers, accessories, pull it back and braid  it all up, the possibilities seem endless. You need to consider the hair type before styling it, as an up-do which may work for curly hair may be havoc for straight hair. It is wise to select the kind of products which are suitable for the desired styling. Dry shampoos can work wonder for thin hair to enhance volume so can other volume enhancing products. Gels and sprays can be used for adding sheen to a sleek look. Bun makers and bobby pins seem to be vital for a large variety of hair up-dos.

With a huge room for creativity also comes a larger one of potential mistakes. The stylist needs to be careful about certain things like avoiding over-accessorizing. Accessories can work wonder but and over do can make one look shabby. Attention should also be paid upon the convenience and ease in carrying the hairstyle.