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Some easy crochet patterns

Some easy crochet patterns

Crochet is slowly making a quiet comeback into fashion shows all over the world, from Paris to Shanghai to New York. The revival of the traditional crochet is because of its simplicity and complexity at the same time. As the world takes new interest in crochet, get a step ahead and learn to make some easy crochet patterns in the comfort of your home. Remember crochet patterns are very general and can be used to make a plethora of things like blankets, garments, accessories etc. Below are some ideas to let you begin making some easy crochet patterns.

  1. Alternating parallel Motifs – Make a chain of motifs joined end to end and alternate various chain colors among themselves to make a meaningful design.
  2. Light to darkness – Great as a carpet or door mat, make a circle at the centre and start making concentric circles, till you reach the end. Make sure to put light colors at the middle and the darker shades on the periphery.
  3. Flower power – Make a nice flower in the center, and keep adding different colors of petals to it until you want to stop . It will make a grand wall decoration.
  4. Mystifying Motif – Make simple square motifs with no initial design, and join them to make a big crochet cloth. Then design each motif with symmetry in shape, color and texture.
  5. Angular waves – Criss-cross your lines to make the ultimate beauty companion. Can look great when wrapped around as a shawl; make this but taking a light background color and dark color of lines interesting at regular intervals.

So get started on your crochet making, because crochet fever is in town and there is cure to be found.