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Tips to create some easy crochet afghan

Tips to create some easy crochet afghan patterns

You have seen it in sofas, in armchairs, in beds and even used as a carpet, it is everywhere. You can’t be new to the word afghan blanket or simply called afghan, but you can be new to the idea of making one yourself. While the complex designs may scare you at first but once you get the simplicity of the patterns the rest is cake walk. Here are two tips for you to start making some easy crochet afghan patterns at home.

  1. Know your art, before you start – Before working on Afghans, especially if you are a beginner, it is important to know what the different kinds of Afghans are. Basically, afghans based on how they are made can be classified into three categories
  2. Single piece afghan – Easiest to make and play with designs, these are made in one piece. The stitches you make into this kind of afghan should be simple and minimal, but the beauty of these are infinite designs can be created from existing ones. It leaves enough room for improvement.
  3. Multiple Joined Afghans – These are basically simple small Afghans woven together, to give some sense and beauty into the patterns.
  4. Motif afghans – The most complex form of afghans it requires a skilled hand. It creates squares or motif and joins them to create the whole afghan. But once learnt it can become an addiction because of its adaptive design.
  • Play with patterns, as you create – Once you have understood the basic motif building and joining, the art itself will teach you new patterns. Always start with simple ideas, and then wrap complexity around it. It is how traditionally Afghans are made. Like for example, make simple chess board motif afghan first, with white background and simple black bordered squares. Now add the second layer of design in each square. These designs can be same or different, be of one colour or many. Next, you can let the squares overlap and form a subtle symmetry.
  • So get your thread and your wool and start making an afghan to suit your home. Stay knitting, Stay happy.