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Tips from french style:

Tips from french style:

France is usually considered the hub of fashion and industry apart from its identity for perfumes. Moreover, all the elite and celebrity people like to follow the trends and tips of the French style for grooming themselves more and more. Some of the tips that they pick from the French lifestyle are:

  • The French styles believe in the classic look rather than following super tight or flashy and colorful things for wearing. Moreover, they have a liking for classic trench coats and cashmere sweaters. The fabric should have the quality to make one look expensive.
  • The neutral colours are preferred in the French styles and fashion because of their versatility and simplicity. The colours include grey, white, nude, tonal and navy or black colors. The clothes are very well-tailored and finely cut with having some neat and beautiful coats or blouses over them.
  • The French girls like having nice pair of shades, flats, attractive jewelry that can go along with any kind of occasion.
  • The French women do not like to have too tight or shabby clothes, and the same goes in the matter of jackets they wear. They are extremely conscious about the fitting and neatness of the dresses they wear. The dress shape is according to the type of body, and well fitted. There is focus on slightest details in the tailoring of the dress for perfect look.
  • They never accessorize and believe in simple and feminine look that is quite elegant.