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Go sleek and dubious with medium hair

Go sleek and dubious with medium hair cuts

Choosing a hairstyle is  quite a baffling task, especially due to large number of varieties available. Your hairs are perhaps  the only part of your body which you can modify and customize to a great extent. And your hair style indubitably contributes a lot to your appeal. Here is why medium hair cuts are worth a serious consideration.

Perks of medium haircuts:

You might ask yourself about the benefits of medium hairs and why you should prefer it to short or long hairs. The biggest benefit of medium hairs is perhaps the maintenance. Short hairs are easy to maintain too, but if you are of the opinion that keeping your hairs short often takes away that womanly charm, then medium sized hairs is what you should go for. Medium hairs are very easy to maintain and require lesser care and attention as compared to long hairs.

Another benefit associated with keeping your hair medium sized is the wide range of styles that medium sized hairs offer. Short hairs are sometimes so short that you can’t tie them up the way you want owing to its small length and long hairs are sometimes too long for a pony or some specific style you desire. But medium hairs are the best when it comes to hair styling and customizing. There are endless hairstyles for medium hairs which is an added benefit to maintenance.

Fancy or natural or both:

It is a common misconception that short hairs are the best for a fancy and flashy hairs, but it is not so. Medium hairs can be as fancy too! You can do a side part, or a have a teased crown upon your head. You can otherwise have some sweet curls and pin them up and you are bound to gain attention wherever you go. You may even try the classic 1950’s look by rolling the front hairs and pinning up a pony behind.

If you don’t want to be flashy but prefer a modest look instead, you may even achieve that with medium hairs. You can go for the complete natural look by just leaving your hair openly falling on your shoulders.If you don’t prefer experimenting much, you can just leave those curls and they are to have an aura of elegance around you.

Straighten it or Perm it, medium can bear it all:

When it comes to changing the shape and texture of your hairs, medium hair cuts do the best job. Straightening or perming up short or long hairs doesn’t throw off that desired grace, but medium hair does it perfectly. So if you desire to change the texture of your hair, medium sized hairs rule. To sum up, medium sized hairs have low maintenance and offer more possibilities for experimenting than any other hair style and are worth a try.