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Most Beautiful Easy Hair Updos

Most Beautiful Easy Hair Updos

If your hair style skills are not like the way you want them to be or you have less time, you would love to use some of the basic yet beautiful hair styles to enhance your outlook significantly. And in order to help you out in this purpose there are a few easy hair updos. In order to look beautiful, you don’t have to spend hours on French braiding, fishtail braiding or precise styling. They are simple tips for your hair. You look beautiful with these cool hair updos as you look amazing.

Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun is the easiest hair style that you can make if you are really rushing out for a party or office or meeting. But you should have really long hair to make the ballerina bun. You can pull up your hair in a high ponytail and then brush all your strands in the ponytail. Then grab the one end of the ponytail and take your right hand and pull the ponytail around to create a loop. You can pin the ponytails on to create the ballerina bun.

The easier than it appears hair updo

You need to create a teased, loose bun using the bottom section of your hair and securing your hair with bobby hair pins. Then you have to take the top half portion of your hair and create an upside down ponytail which you can pin loosely in a bun. This gives you a true hairstyle look. Interesting part is that you won’t spend more than three minutes on getting this appearance.

Inside out ponytail bun

You can also save time with the inside out ponytail bun which another hair updo. You can simply put your hair into a high ponytail, and then push the bottom portion in the part of the elastic of the ponytail to create a loose upside down. It is also called the tuck effect. Now you have to pull it up at the very top with a little tug and secure things. It is done.

Twist around side braid

The next hair updo does keep your hair out of your face and that too, in less than five minutes. It is a creative ponytail which will earn fans for you asking secrets of such a ponytail. You have to pull your hair in a side ponytail, and then split the ponytail into two and pull them through the opening space right before the ponytail starts. It will become an upside down ponytail. You have to keep doing this to create multiple upside ponytails throughout the whole entire head of hair. As a result you get the twisted braid effect.

Creating an elastic bun

In order to achieve this look, you need to pull your hair up like you’re pulling it half up half down. Then you need to clip the top half of your hair in a way that the hair is away from your face. Later fluff up the bottom half of your hair and tease the bottom portion, if you have thin hair. Then with the help of an elastic band, you can pull the hair back into a ponytail and tuck it in an elastic bun.