20+ Free Crochet Bikini Patterns | Crochet | Crochet, Crochet bikini

Crochet bikinis are stylish, magnificent and are ideal to wear on a beach during summers. Many of the crochet bikinis are not designed for wearing in the water but are fantastic for women especially for those who want to show off their perfect curves and body shape. Let’s have a …

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Crochet bags for feminine outfit

Ravelry: p.91a Crochet Bag pattern by Mutsuko Kishi (岸睦子)

The one think that women don’t compromise is handbags.They become crazy when they don’t get what they like. A handbag has been a part of life and everyone wants to own the best bags. Few women not fussy about bags and they take it whatever fashion in that time. Other …

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Unique Crochet head wrap ideas

Easiest Headwrap EVER!!! | Crochet Ideas/patterns | Pinterest

Head wraps are a part of clothing accessory worn on the head. In some countries it shows their custom and tradition. Africans wear turban like head wraps showing their Sahara culture. Crochet head wrap are hand -made. The crocheters, with the help of hooked needle, makes beautiful crocheted head wraps.  …

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Chunky Knit Sweater – The Design here to stay

Few years back chunky knit sweater is considered as a dress for mature age people. Because of its bulky look, people think that it’s old-fashioned and out of date. However, last few years due to innovation in knitting open up the doors for a lot of designers in this field. …

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To start with: crochet patterns for beginners

Making crochet items is indeed a very fruitful hobby. Various useful things can be made during our free time if we decide to take up crochet as a hobby. This hobby requires creativity. And the amount of money required to make these items are very small. There are numerous crochet …

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Dress up in style: crochet jacket

New Crochet Patterns - ANNIE'S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Windway Cardigan

In today’s market crochet clothes have become immensely popular. People have turned to handmade items. Crochet is nothing but making fabrics that is full of loops and knots. People simply use yarn and a needle with a hook to make such fabrics. Since these are hand-made the quality is something …

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Crochet blanket | Etsy

Crocheting a blanket to obtain a crochet blanket involves many patterns and styles. There are some basic steps which are pre-requisite to crochet a blanket and many other different techniques for obtaining different patterns. METHOD The intended size of the finished blanket should be determined before commencing the work. The …

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