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The beautiful filet crochet technique

The beautiful filet crochet technique

The Filet crochet is one type of the crocheted fabrics and it involves a grid like crocheted lace as it makes use of only 2 crochet stiches. The double crochet stich (also known as treble) and the chain stitch are the two types of crochet stiches the filet crochet technique uses.

A vertical triple stitch or a treble was being used in the older filet crochet patterns that were chained in two between the vertical triple or double stiches. One can notice a difference in these two types of filet crochet stiches visually as lesser amount of yarn is used in the chain stitches when compared to the double crochet stitches.

Patterns are basically formed in the filet crochet by filling in the double crochet stiches with the chain stitch mesh. White or ecru monotone crochet thread which are made with mercerised cotton are typically used in constructing filet crochet. Beautiful decorative items like the tablecloths, window curtains, placemats and coasters, etc. are made using the Filet crochet technique.

A symbol diagram or graphs are often the sources from which the filet crochet is worked upon. Open and solid meshes are combined to create the filet crochet patterns where the background is worked in the open meshes and the design in the solid meshes. The total number of chain stitches made between each of the double stiches determines the size of space in the filet crochet. One can also use other types of crochet stitches as an alternative to the chain stitches to work on the filet crochet. Also instead of thread, yarn can be used for the filet crochet.