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Chinese fashion becomes popular and teenage fashionistas

Chinese fashion becomes popular and teenage fashionistas

In the last few decades Chinese Fashion was not as popular as you can see it today. It has changed dramatically because people take interest in Chinese street fashion since it is prevalent in everyday Chinese life. This Chinese Fashion has become famous due to two reasons first for the Chinese street fashion and the other is pop music genre. This Chinese fashion features are light colors, canvas shoes, along with cotton and linen material, and images with epoch effects. The style represents fresh and angelic type. Sometimes you can come across with fashion features that is dark bold colors, rivets, metal, black and white and angry outlook in outfits. The fashion is not limited in women. You can find men’s outfit in Chinese Fashion. In men’s fashion you can get trendy, simple, and clean cut which gives a mature and sophisticated look. If you talk about the professional outlook then also you can get it in Chinese fashion. This dress can give sporty looks which have become very popular.

Dress code in Chinese fashion

 Normally you can see men with bow ties and faux-hawk hair styles which elongated on their faces. In regards to shirt and sweaters the hem or bottom of their shirt should be in between the waist and the crotch of their pants. When it is too low then it is baggy style and if it is too short then it is geeky. Men’s prefer to wear snug fittings pant. They do not prefer western style jeans. Their pant length must fall above the shoe which elongates the leg and rolled up the hems that show the ankle are taken as fashionable in China. For women cut out prints are famous with fun graphic designs like animal prints or floral prints.