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Colour and pattern of bathing suits for women

Colour and pattern of bathing suits for women

The Colour and pattern of the bathing suits for women play an important role in choosing them perfectly. The bathing suits must have a bright colour so that they draw the attention of the onlooker’s from a far area. Moreover, the patterns on the bathing suits must be bright in order to elevate the colour of the bathing suit. Bright patterns coupled with a bright coloured bathing suit will eventually divert the attention of the people towards the women.

Kinds of Bathing Suits

There are several kind of bathing suits for women. The bathing suits vary from woman to woman because every woman wear the outfit according to her body and accord. Generally, there are four types of bathing suits for women. Hourglass type, apple shaped bathing suit, pear shaped bathing suit and boyish style bathing suits. These are the four main categories of bathing suits. These types are made on the basis of body shape of the women. The waist of the body, the shape of the hips and the breast and belly size are some things that need to be observed before buying the perfect bathing suit for your body.

Boyish Bathing Suits

The boyish suit is worn by the women, who think that they have no significant difference between their waist hips and bust. Hourglass suit is worn by the women who have the same size of hips and bust but their waist size differs. Mostly these come with triangular shaped bikini bottoms, which attract the onlookers, and are a great way of gaining the attention.