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Different kind of mens suits

Different kind of mens suits

There are suits to suit every occasion and make a man look dapper in them. But, selecting the right suit for the right occasion can be very tricky.

The perfect suit

The suit is globally considered to be the mark of a man’s style statement. Selecting a perfect suit for an occasion can be quite daunting as well as confusing. A suit is generally a two or three outfit comprising of a jacket, a trouser and sometimes a waistcoat. Usually the jacket and the trouser will be of the same fabric. The style of the suit is characterized by the lapel and the buttons.

Single breasted suits

Single-breasted suits comprise of jackets that have only one, two or three sets of buttons and button holes that do not. These are generally used as dinner jackets and can be worn with a waistcoat also of the same fabric as the jacket.

Double breasted suits

Jackets with two front flaps overlapping across the body are called double breasted suits. They usually have four to six button options. They are elegant and are more suitable for tall men generally worn by tall men for an elegant look. They have a conservative and restrained appearance.

Business Suits

The business suits have a very formal cut. They come in stylish, sharp cuts and somber colors. They are generally made in dark colored fabrics.


The most stylish and ultra formal is the tuxedo. It is the most appropriate outfit and can be worn for any formal occasion. It is the most stylized ceremonial wear.