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Find many types of Knitted scarfs

Find many types of Knitted scarfs

Scarf is a piece of fabric that is wrapped around the neck for the fashion, cleanliness and in the winter, protection from the cold. A scarf can be made from many things like cotton, wool or artificial yarn. The wearing of a girl probably do not complete without this neck draper.

This is somehow, the speciality of the scarf that it can flatters on every person irrespective of sex and age. As the number of likings increasing day by day the design the making style is also changing and filling in the market. So, there are numerous varieties of each and every person to choose from.

The selection of this can make a difference from person to person as it varies from colors, patterns, designs and off course the making materials. If you want to make this by your own self, you can either knit it or crochet it. Both are good, and simpler. A scarf is an excellent project for beginners. It is easy to command and very simple to knit, if you know the basic knitting techniques.

If you are knitting a scarf, firstly you should have some basic knowledge of knitting and then you need the knitting equipment like knitting yarn and needles. Before knitting, you need to take several decisions like, color of the yarn, type of the yarn, design and pattern. These all decisions are done keeping in mind the pattern or your inspiring design.

If there some confusion inside your head pertaining to the design or the pattern, here is a good collection, choose the one that you like the most:

Hooded knitted scarf:

This knitted scarf pattern is especially for the winter. To master this pattern, the knowledge of the basic techniques is just not enough, you need some experience, as you are going to knit the hood. Well, it does not mean that it is a difficult project. To adopt this pattern you can choose any color yarn. The significance of this type is that it provides warmness with an elegant look.

Princess red:

This knitted scarf feature a basic yarn and quite easy to master. This is good inspiration, if you are in search of two hours project. If you have some extra yarn left from other projects, you can give it a different and unique look with these. The rich red color yarn exactly matches the pattern style.

Straps knitted scarf pattern:

Strap pattern is good to grab when you are combining two color. So, to make this pattern, you should have knowledge and techniques of mix and match. You can choose any two colors like black and white, blue and white, red and yellow, and other that you like.