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Method to crochet buttons

Method to crochet buttons

Crocheting buttons is not a difficult task. Many types of crochet buttons can be made by one’s own labor. As in the case of other items, crocheting buttons also require some standard methods. A method is described here.


The first step is to tie the yarn onto the crochet needle by making a slipknot near the tip. Two chain stitches are crocheted from the hook. A slip stitch is then used to join the last single crochet with the first one. A total of six stitches need to be made.

A single chain stitch is made from the loop on the hook in the next round. Two single crochets in each stitch from the first round is made followed by joining the last and the first stitches together using a slip stitch. Twelve stitches are obtained at the end of this round.

In the next round a chain stitch is made from the loop on the hook. Single crochet into two stitches from the previous round is now done for six times. The final stitch is joined with the first using a slip stitch. At the end of the round six stitches are obtained.

The tail end is finally weaved into the stitches present at the back of the button. A darning needle can be used if required. The tail end should be weaved through the entire thickness to secure it and the button should be slightly flattened.

This was a method to make crochet buttons.