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What to look for in a beach party outfit

What to look for in a beach party outfit

For every summer that passes every girl has to have it all planned out. From the parties that she will throw to the goals she has to achieve and most importantly that trip to the beach she has been yearning for all winter and autumn. Of course that beach trip also needs preparations and plans but most of your worries will vanish when you pick the right beach party outfit. There are variously themed beach parties but once you pick the beach party outfit that you want and like everything will just fall into place. So what really do you need for a beach party outfit? Keep reading and you find out:


That is a must, having a bikini on under your top clothing is necessary in case the occasion calls to it and you have to go for a swim. Put on any of your cute swimsuits beneath and all will be okay.

Night or Day?

A colorful dress or a drapey skirt is fit for a daytime party. Some girls like to go for booty shots and a cool top that is knotted at the stomach. But for night parties you have to try something completely different. A cute jacket or coat for the chilly times of the night. Maybe a baggy hoodie for they are very much in style and when they slip off your shoulder, it is fantastic.

Makeup or No?

Definitive not if you will be taking a splash in day time, or you can dish out and use waterproof makeup. For night parties pick a soft look and light makeup, it will mostly be dark