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5 must-have jeans for men to look fresh and professional

5 must-have jeans for men to look fresh and professional

Getting to wear your favorite pair of jeans at work is the best part of it all. There are a number of ways you can complement Jeans for men. Let us look at some of the tips men need to look stylish and professional.

Tie Jeans- When you need a dressed down look this combination is not only easy to-put together but gives you a stylish edge as well. Though ties are known to be dressy, a great way to tone it down is by pairing it with jeans.

Dark Jeans- These are great for any day of the week and do not have to reserved for casual Friday. The choices of shirts that go with a dark pair of jeans for men are vast. Personally, a checked pattern or a pop of color with jeans cannot go wrong.

Fitted Jeans- A good fit is never out of fashion, and so jeans for men especially have to be curated to look and feel great. A well fitted jeans with a sporty jacket and casual shoes ooze confidence and glam. These jeans can be indulged with great accessories too. Leather belts, dressy shoes, tweed jackets, a classic watch, white shirt, sunglasses and scarf are the many extensions that can be added to your outfit.

Rugged Cotton Jeans- There is no harm in sticking to the classics but a rugged look once in a while will help you feel different. Many cheap brands tend to mix fibers and spandex in jeans for men which drastically change the texture. Always look for jeans with at least 80% cotton.

Vintage washed Jeans- typically not work jeans for men, but can be accommodated when paired with classic combinations like boots, cardigans, leather jackets, semi formal jackets and many more.