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Making a fashion statement with chino shorts

Making a fashion statement with chino shorts

Origin of chino shorts:

If it is summer time, Chino shorts are the primary focus of any wardrobe as it made of light fabric. The word Chino is apparently from Spanish, but made from fabric imported from China. Chino shorts are not to be confused with khakis, which is just a reference for a color. In the initial day, Khaki was the most common color used in the manufacture of chinos, but now they are available in several hues. Chinos used to be worn by military personnel in the past era and the uniform consisted of plain slacks with straightened waists and front zip or buttoning. They had absolutely no pleats. The 1950’s was the time Chinos was most accepted by youngsters.

Ways to wear chino shorts:

They can be easily paired with flip-flops and a casual shirt. Several retailers these days have started re-introducing chino as its back in vogue. They are usually made of cotton and are soft, therefore they are most suitable for hot climates and provides suitable coverage. Sometimes, they are also referred to as a dressier styled dress as they look like dress pants. They range from full-length to short versions and can be tailored to suit individual needs.  . They are unisex and are equally popular with both men and women.  The styles for woman can either be similar to pedal pushers or low-waisted. They are known for their comfort, practicality and durability.