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Make up for brown eyes: The way to create
it in three small steps

Make up for brown eyes: The way to create it in three small steps

The makeup for brown eyes can now be done very easily, according to the tips that are presented by the makeup artists and experts from all over the world. If a person is really tired of the makeup that he or she is putting up for the brown eye and wants something really eye catching then he or she has to follow some simple steps. Plain experimentation or making a makeup technique, a permanent style statement would depend entirely on the person. The technique which has been discussed here would literally help the eyes of a person to pop. Brown eyes, one must remember are not dull things, if the correct hue of makeup is applied on them, then the beauty of these eyes really stand out.

To get the perfect makeup for brown eyes, a person firstly needs to apply a first layer of makeup. The primer is required in most of the cases in order to conceal the eye shadow. Firstly a basic coat of color needs to be applied over the eyes. Colors such as pink, purple, maroon, deep blue etc. are quite good for putting up on the brown colored eyes. A person needs to select between these colors and then apply it over the lid of the eye with the aid of a fluffy brush of medium size. One must stop applying the color after reaching the crease line.

After applying the basic coat of color, one needs to apply the crease color. On applying the crease color, helps to add a different level of dimension to the makeup. The choice of color does not really matter here, as all the different bases of colors go down well with the brown crease color. Getting a good makeup for brown eyes, one needs to choose a color of one’s choice and then apply it in a manner similar to the motion of a windshield wiper. One must start applying the color towards the end side of the crease of the eye and then work one’s way in.

A blender brush must be used for the application of makeup for brown eyes. These blender brushes have a kind of slant in them, this makes the painting they do quite natural looking.

The next step for the makeup for brown eyes is to add a highlight color to the makeup. The highlight color helps to provide a really clean and good look to the eyes. The shade of color which one uses for the purpose of highlighting must be of a color lighter than the skin tone of the person. This highlighting make up can be applied even on the brow bone as well as the corner of the eye.