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Make your own easy crochet scarf.

Make your own easy crochet scarf.

The scarf and the diamond are a woman’s best friend. And best friends, are not bought from the market. It is either made with love at home, or gifted with love. This summer make an easy crochet scarf that will accompany you even in summer. A crochet scarf because of its simple and bold designing will redefine your casual fashion statements. Here are some tips to make an easy crochet scarf –

  1. Material – Make it soft and velvety by choosing ghazi wool or merino wool and you would love the winters more than ever. Or use nice silky cotton to make a summer scarf that will accompany you throughout the day. To make an impact, choose the bold rope fibre to make a nice- manly scarf, but it’s only for those who are confident of handling it.
  2. Hook – A scarf that is detailed will require a nice hook that is specific to detailing only. For Tunisian crochet style scarf choose a longer than usual hook with double ended hook. For thread crochet use small diamond ended hooks. Lebanon lace requires smoother hook for faster re coupling.
  3. Design – Scarf’s are a personal thing and make it as personal as possible. Make it soothing to the eye, because it is the first thing people would notice in you. You can make a bright color if your personality suits it. But let the design be simple if you are a beginner and the move on to complex ones.

So what are you waiting for? Start today, before winter comes and make yourself and easy crochet scarf.