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Makeup tips for blue eyes

Makeup tips for blue eyes

Blue eyes are the most important jewel of your makeup that has come bundled with your body. You must consider yourself lucky if you have got blue eyes. You have already got a wow factor to stun people around you. Your eyes are a dominant feature in your beauty. You need to treat them significantly to use them as a weapon. You can use different products to increase their looks. You can use variety of eye shadow liners, mascara shades especially made for blue eyes. Here are makeup tips for blue eyes which you need to adopt to make them appear great.

Terra-cotta Shadow

The first shadow that is best for you blue eyes is terra cotta shadow. You can use this shadow on the eyelids. You can layer your lids with a rust-colored shadow. The terra cotta shadow is available in many popular brands which you can pick up anywhere. You can also order it online on popular websites such as Amazon.com. This is the quickest way of enhancing the looks of your eyes. This is a warm shadow that makes your eyes different. Your eyes stand out.

Purple Shadow

Well, blue eyes need be treated differently every time. Hence the next shade for your blue eyes is purple shadow. Using this shadow will help you get a trendy fall color. The purple is best and better than emerald or cobalt. You must not use the matching shadows since they can get lost in green and blue shade. Purple shadow helps your eyes to accentuate.

Apply orange shadow

Your blue eyes will accentuate well if there is best shade applied on the eyelids. To do so, as a next shade you can look at orange shadow. At the first glance, this color shade looks crazy byut your eyes will come alive with the orange eye shadow. It creates a strong contrast. There are top brands that offer this shade. You can use the orange shadow to grace your blue eyes.

Neutral Smoky Eyes

Another shade to use is black smoky eyes. It is a classic shade, but this works well on the blue eyes. You can soften your look with a neutral palette of rich browns, and light pinks. It gives a customizable palette of sexy colors for a smoky eye that works.

Bronze Shadow and Liner

You should also try bronze shadow and liner for you blue eyes’ beautification. You can try bold metallic and bronze shades to balance the cool tones in your eyes. This will give you a different look.

Eye-Brightening Beige

You should also use a brightener to enhance the looks of your blue eyes. You should use eye-brightening beige. You should not use white highlighter as it will not look good against your eyes.

These are great makeup tips for blue eyes which you can use.