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Warmth and style with puffer vest

Warmth and style with puffer vest

What are puffer vest?

The puffer vest has the significant design and different sections which are puffy. They are puffy between the stitches. Usually the puffer vest is filled with insulation and synthetic fibers and both of them provide a high level of warmth. The remaining depends on how well the vest is made and about the quality of synthetic fibers. The puffer vests are very light weight and still they are warm. They are the unique combination of warmth and lightness and thus they are unique than the other warm materials.

Features of puffer vest

The puffer vest has the feature of insulation and thus it gives the level of warmth. The puffer vest has the outfitted workers who work in 0 degree temperatures for more than 60 years. The synthetic fibers work for longer period of time and they are high quality materials used which helps in getting the warmth for more years. There are various ways in which the stitching can be done in the puffer vest. The most commonly used puffers are vertical and horizontal but you can also get the diamond and other shapes with the help of stitching.

With the description of puffer jackets you must be thinking that the puffer jackets are unflattering and has no style. But the jackets are light and flexible. They give the sporty look. Moreover they are comfortable in cool and cold weather and these aspects make the design of garment light weight and also water resistant. You can get the puffer vest also in various designs and styles.