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Stylish and warm cowl knitting pattern

Stylish and warm cowl knitting pattern

The cowl is used to keep the neck warm and to protect your back portion from the cold. The knitted cowl is used in the winter where the cotton is used in the hot weather to keep the skin safe from the sunburn. The round cowl knitting pattern are easy to knit, you can also tuck some buttons in the cowl patterns to make it more comfortable. Here are some stylish and warm cowl knitting patterns:

  • Cushy cowl knitting pattern: This easy going pattern is soft to use and gentle to knit. The cushy cowl knitting pattern is first choice of knit beginners as it very easy to knit. This sluttish pattern sticks to your neck and keep your back warm.
  • Slouchy cowl knitting pattern: This slouchy cowl knitting pattern is quite stylish and comfortable as it does not stick to the neck. The slouchy cowl knitting pattern maintains some distance from the front side of the neck.
  • Grey head and neck cowl knitting pattern: For the extreme winter, this grey head and cowl knitting pattern is quite good to use as it covers the head too. To preserve your hair from becoming ruined, this pattern plays a vital role by covering your neck cum head.
  • Scarf design cowl knitting pattern: The scarf design cowl knitting pattern is very light to use. This weightless pattern provides you a great comfort level. You can design as many scarf patterns in one cowl as you can; it totally depends on your knitting skills.