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The advantages of using a makeup mirror

The advantages of using a makeup mirror

Smart women love to get ready and have their makeup done before a well lit makeup mirror. Women look their best because they make use of these special mirrors crafted for makeup purposes. Well lit makeup mirrors are vital for any woman who wants to look special. They are the gateway to perfect skin. You can use them while doing your facial on your own. Your flawless skin then becomes a fabulous base for application of makeup. These are useful for tweezing eyebrows too.

Anytime of the day a well lit makeup mirror will provide superb lighting for doing your makeup- starting right from the foundation to your blush. You should avoid streaks when you apply foundation before a well lit makeup mirror. This will also assist your translucent powder blend smoothly without caking. Thereafter, your makeup will be much easier to apply. It will not look overdone. For example, eyeliner, eye shadow and blush will be applied in the right proportion. It is because your foundation is just right.

If you are really conscious about the health of your skin and the makeup that you wear, you should invest in the makeup mirror that is well lighted. These mirrors have different lighting options. To help you do your makeup either in the night or day. These prove to be very useful especially if you are off to some special functions that might demand a complete treatment.

There are several features of these makeup mirrors:

  • On-off switch
  • Low, medium ,high settings
  • Variable lighting

There are different lighting options in these mirrors:

  • Day- a day setting consists of a regular light that looks like a sunlit area.
  • Evening settings add a darker shade to the makeup mirrors. There is more of glow and warmth.
  • An office or a home mirror has average light.
  • Adjustable – each mirror can be adjusted to various height levels. This is very convenient to the user as he/she does not have to stretch.
  • Close or regular images- these mirrors have both regular and magnifying features.

Lighted makeup mirror is available online. These stores deal with beauty products. There are discounts available and sometimes they are good bargains. Ensure that there is a guarantee on these makeup mirrors. Makeup mirrors are increasing in popularity among women of all age groups. It is easy to apply and remove makeup standing before such mirrors. It is affordable and very convenient. Most of these mirrors for makeup are manufactured with dual electrical voltages and can be used all over the world. Modern women love this. It has become an important accessory in the world of fashion and beauty.