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Enjoy the cold winter with various
knitting scarf patterns

Enjoy the cold winter with various knitting scarf patterns

Scarf is a piece of fabric that everyone likes to go with. Except men and women, kids also love to drape this around their neck. The patterns are numerous and actually endless, when you explore it is on the internet or in the market.

You will find many colors, designs and styles too. To knit a scarf, you need some needles and yarns. Also an inspiring designs. Selection of yarn type and color should be done keeping in mind your adopted pattern or design. So, firstly select what type of design or pattern you want to see around your neck and then opt for yarn type like, for wider scarf, consider buying thick yarn. Following the same way, you need to decide on the color or its combinations.

Like some other people you may also find it very difficult to knit a scarf, well this is not such a big headache, but yes, you need to know about the basic techniques. And if you want to do some variation in the size or in the pattern, or in the color combinations, you should have the experience accordingly.

But knitting a scarf always has been a fun and easy way, once you get to know about all the techniques. For knitters, there is nothing like a cowl or knitting scarf patterns. Whether you are an experienced knitter or have just started the knitting, you will defiantly find these below mentioned knitting scarf patterns quite enjoying:

Knitted the lacy scarf patterns:

You will find this pattern quite amazing and feel proud after making it. Making of this pattern is quite easy and if you still do not knit a lacy scarf pattern, this is grate one to start. After knitting it, you will defiantly love another lacy pattern too and will be surprised that how quickly or easily you have completed it. Moreover, this is enjoyable in the summer and in the winter too. You can opt for any color or combination for this pattern.

Go green with the knitted scarf pattern:

If you do not like lacy pattern, opt for this. You can knit it by wool. The pattern is very inspiring especially for those who like a natural feeling all around. To knit this pattern, grab some balls of green yarn, pick the needles and start knitting it, keeping in mind the knitting techniques. You can also give an effect of white with green.

Feathers touch the knitting scarf patterns:

Do you want a feature like soft and smooth touch around your neck? grab this design. This pattern features a basic lace that is very easy to master and quick to design.