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Top Boys Hair Styles that will change
your looks

Top Boys Hair Styles that will change your looks

Little boys are full of fun. Adding fun to their personality becomes even more important. If you are a boy who wants to give you hair new looks, you can try different boys hair styles that add dash to your personality. You can adopt a hairstyle that matches your fun personality. You can try short spiky strands, long curly locks and everything in between. You are going to feel the difference as people and friends will begin to notice you unlike ever before.

Textured Toby or no-fuss style

One of the coolest boys hair styles is textured toby. If you are a busy boy, always hopping from place to place for fun and games, you can try this adorable short hairstyle. This is also called no-fuss style. You can keep the hair short around the back and sides. It will be slightly longer on the top which is a classical style. Unlike long hair this style lets you play freely without shunning the great looks. This looks even better on boys who have crazy cowlicks and growth patterns.

Dashing Danny

For boys, the next hair style is Dashing Danny which is a medium length hairstyle for boys. You will appear super cute in this hair style. As the hair is tapered at the neck and around the ears, this style gives you a cool new look. You can achieve this look by using the comb to blend your hair on the top. This style lets you achieve different look. Y

ou look less casual in this hair style. This hair style is good for boys who have finer textured hair. But if you have thick or straight hair, it won’t lay down perfectly on parting.  In Dashing Danny lets you achieve more casual look if you skip the comb. You have spike up the hair using gel.

Spiky Stephen style

Boys hair styles are endless. Another in the list is Spiky Stephen style for boys who want great short haircut. This is good for those who have thick straight hair. It lets you to embrace the hair you’re born with. You can keep hair short around the sides and on the top. It lets you to keep your looks fresh and clean. This hair style works well on naturally thick and pin straight hair. It applies to all face shapes.

You don’t need to use any type of products to protect this look since this is more of a natural style that sticks to your personality. You can use a clipper cut to achieve a uniform haircut on such straight and spiky hair.

Messy Max for growing boys

In this hair style, hair is tapered up and around the ears. It lets you to achieve long thick hangs and wispy texture. If you have a small, short forehead, you should not try this. You can try if you have fine to medium hair.