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Cover your head with knitting hat

Cover your head with knitting hat patterns

In the winter, this is one the most important accessories that is needed to keep your entire body warm. In this new era, hats have become one of the most prominent styling accessories.

The design of hat is continuous changing and people are accepting these new styles proudly. You can do many variations with a hat, in terms of color, design and the raw material used in it.

In the winter, you will see most of people are cladding wool made hat, as it is the warmest material. With the help of wool, you can either knit it or crochet it. The knitting process of hat is a tough task, unless you do not learn the basics of the knitting.

To knit any fabric or opting for any creation, you need to consider or decide many things. To get a knitting hat in just two hours, your decision should also flow according to the process. So, firstly decide what type of design you want to knit. Then come to type of the yarn, after coming up with the exact type, consider the color or the combinations. Now, purchase some needles. Choose the exact needle size, as these come in various sizes and determine the look of your stitches. Circular needle is considered the best for knitting the hat. And to get the exact finishing crochet hook or draining needle is required.

Now, you are ready to knit a design. Firstly, measure your head size to get the perfect fit. Knit the stiches in round shape, if you have never done this before, learn this technique, this technique is going to be the base of the hat. Join the rounds together. At this point you need to be little careful. Do not twist the rounds, if this so happened, you have to start knitting completely over.

Keep going in this manner. It depends on the size that how many rounds and how much time you are going to spend in this process? With the help of circular needle, you do not need to put many efforts, as it automatically creates a brim that rolls.

You are done half way around. Now, do some decreasing, if you do not know what is decreasing all about, search this online or seek expert advice. This step is essential to get the exact finishing, so you cannot miss this.

After decreasing, you will see your hat is getting smaller and smaller. Do not worry, adjust your needle accordingly. It is time to cut the extra yarn. Now remove the needles and hide the excess yarn or the starting tail. All set, it is time to enjoy the knitted hat.