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Some easy knitting patterns for beginners

Some easy knitting patterns for beginners

Are you new to knitting? Tired of searching for new creative easy knitting patterns for beginners? Look no further because we brought you some excellent ideas you can use to let your knitting skills be useful, valuable and fun at the same time. So turn the music on, pull your socks up, get your thread and yarn and let your imagination run wild. Here are some easy knitting patterns for beginners –

  1. Moss Stitch lass Afghan – Make the crackle effect bulk up with try out some moss stitch lass stitching, its simplicity attracts beginners.
  2. Seed stitched sweater – Seed seeding is done basically to rectify or modify already stitched materials. Add a dashing new bright color if your sweater looks boring
  3. Moroccan lace diamonds – Moroccan laces are easy to master. It can create a smooth base for you to work on.
  4. Fingerless mittens- winters can be harsh on your hand and gloves take away the flexibility of your fingers. The solution? Make a nice finger less knitted mittens that fits in your hand comfortably.
  5. Knitted casual bags – Now the ultimate test of your knitting skill can be a well made bag. Its unique, its casual, its useful and its durable. You cannot ask more. Make the main bag and handle separately and adorn it with other knitted or crocheted accessories. It will be a perfect replacement of your conventional bags.

So be ready to polish you knitting skills, with these new ideas on easy knitting patterns for beginners.